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10 Important Factors to Know About Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can save your home in Florida from monotony and anonymity during night time. That is if you find the combination that goes perfectly with your place. There are many factors to consider to set apart excellent and bad accent lighting Florida homeowners could refer to, here are ten of the most important.

  1. All your efforts in tastefully designing your home can be easily undone by bad lighting. Do not let your statement pieces like a beautiful painting or sculpture go to waste, direct the attention to them with the right type of accent lighting fl. Incandescent lighting goes well with paintings, bringing out the yellow and red hues. An angle of 30⁰ is also recommended to reduce glare.
  3. Any accent lighting in Tampa Bay can be as good as the piece it focuses on, but some accent lights can be an attraction by themselves, such as Tiffany glass or specialty lighting. Even a carefully laid out accent lighting is a good conversation starter. 
  4. All accent lighting Tampa Bay homeowners can also be functional. They can add security to your home by providing light in blind spots and illuminating decks and walkways for safe passage. 
  5. Wireless dimmers can be installed on the accent lighting Lakeland area residents have for flexibility. Turn it up for added security then turn it down when entertaining. Guests could not relax and enjoy themselves with too much light glaring down on them. 
  6. There are many types of bulb for accent lighting Orlando area locals could choose from, but LED is generally the best option. It is more expensive than the other types, but it consumes less energy and needs less maintenance or replacements. In the long run, you will spend less on LED bulbs. 
  7. The key to accent lighting Fort Myers homeowners should consider is achieving the perfect contrast between the statement piece and its surroundings. If the contrast is too low, everything will blend together. On the other hand, too much is uncomfortable to look at.
  8. The eye tends to focus on the brightest spots in its surroundings; this is the main principle behind accent lighting Naples area residents should know. But this would work up to a certain point only. Too much light and it starts to hurt the eyes or cause discomfort. 
  9. There is more to accent lighting Port Charlotte homeowners can do aside from highlighting a particular spot or fixture. It can also be used to set the mood. When it comes to mood lighting, less is more.
  10. Aside from highlighting a particular spot or fixture, there is another use for accent lighting Bradenton lawn owners can benefit from. Accent lighting can also be used to draw focus away from problematic areas in your landscape, like a rocky spot.
  11. The fixtures for accent lighting Palm Beach homeowners have can also be matched to the type of their house, whether modern, rustic, or vintage. They can choose from many finishes like copper, brass, or satin nickel, so their accent light will go well with their home even in the day time.

Florida is a beautiful and scenic place in the daytime. This should not change come nightfall. Liven up your home at night with accent lighting East Coast homeowners like you should have. And for your accent lighting needs, Lanai Lights is the logical choice. Lanai Lights provides customized and energy-efficient lighting solutions that are also environment-friendly. Call them at 877-818-8445 and 239-415-2561 or visit their website at  for more details.

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