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4 Security Lighting Techniques to Maintain Home Safety at Night

Security lighting improves home safety at night and enhances curb appeal during the day. Lanai Lights provides outdoor lighting techniques and ideas that deliver safety and security without compromising style.

1. Motion Sensors Are Not Always the Answer

When motion sensors do not illuminate immediately, they often fail to ward off trespassers.

Quality security lighting is designed to do two things:

2. Surround the Property with Security Lighting

Stretching the reach of security lighting to property lines allows for greater visibility and surrounding control.

3. Be Mindful of Neighbors

Security lighting can be appealing and relaxing without upsetting those who live nearby. Consider installing indirect lighting shielded by shrubs and properly aimed lighting fixtures

4. Light Entryways

Keep entrances including side doors, back doors and garage areas well lit to prevent accidents. Direct lighting poses a threat to trespassers and burglars.

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Lanai Lights provides outdoor security LED lights, products and services to residential and commercial properties all over Santa Rosa County. We manufacture unique lighting products designed to enhance outdoor living spaces and provide added security. We offer bright, inviting, and affordable security LED lighting solutions with fully patented, innovative designs.

Lanai Lights Outdoor Lighting Options

Our lighting options are designed to be sleek, modern and highly durable.

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