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Boat Dock Lighting Installation in Fort Myers, Florida

Illuminate your waterfront space with Lanai Lights, your premier destination for boat dock lighting. Specializing in lighting solutions for docks, piers, marinas, and waterfront structures, our products are essential for enhancing visibility and safety during the night.  Lanai Lights not only facilitate easier navigation for boat owners, passengers, and dock workers but also add a touch of elegance to your waterfront area.

At  Lanai Lights, excellence in quality and service is our commitment. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals collaborates with you to tailor a lighting solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Boat Dock Lighting Products

Lanai Lights Boat Dock

Palm Beach Model

Palm Beach Model is made with the same crack and fade-proof 3M composite, this model also comes in FULL COLOR with 16 Million color choices. We have slimmed down Palm Beach’s profile to keep your pool cage looking clean and seamless. LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy and emit 2,000 lumens at Full Bright White.

South Beach Model

South Beach Model is the slimmest profile yet, the South Beach model is a minimalist’s dream. The rectangular profile comes equipped with FULL COLOR and 16 million color choices. Made with the same 3M composite that is guaranteed to never dull, crack, or fade. LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy and emit 2,000 lumens at Full Bright White.

Lanai Lights Boat Dock Lighting
sanibel lighting

Sanibel Model

Sanibel Model is called our “Up/Down” lights, the Sanibel model focuses its efforts on pushing light upwards and downwards, rather than out. Made using the same slim, rectangular profile as our South Beach mode. Available in our Full Color option and comes complete with blacked-out lenses and a clear end.

Sunset Model

Sunset Model is also known as our Chair Rail Light and our smallest fixture. Available for integrated use with our Palm Beach, South Beach, or Sanibel models or as an independent system! Made with our crack and fade-proof 3M composite, this model is also available in FULL COLOR with 16 million color choices. 

lanai lights boat dock

Lanai Lights Installation Process


On-Site Estimate

The process of estimating is done beforehand by licensed certified installers to know the amount and cost of electricity and services required for a specific location or process.


Mock-Up Phase

This stage is where revisions and changes regarding the lighting plan are done. It is an opportunity to see design decisions work together as a whole and determine if they make sense in the final version of a product before developers are involved.


Meet Your Crew

When everything has been finalized, the Lanai Lights crew will be present to work with you in the residence to assist you more regarding the LED lighting details.



When everything has been finalized, it’s time to do the final step. At Lanai Lights, we install your modern lights with perfection. With us, there is an assurance of the high standards of our fixtures with the latest technology.

Key Aspects of Boat Dock Lighting

  • Safety

    Adequate lighting is crucial for safety, preventing accidents and collisions. It helps boat operators and pedestrians see the dock, its edges, and any potential obstacles.

  • Navigation

    Boat dock lighting aids in the navigation of vessels in and around the dock area, especially in low-light conditions or when visibility is reduced.

  • Security

    Well-lit areas deter trespassers and enhance security by providing better visibility for surveillance cameras and security personnel.

  • Aesthetics

    Beyond safety, boat dock lighting can also contribute to the aesthetics of the area, creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Types of Lighting Fixtures

    Common types of lighting fixtures used for boat docks include LED floodlights, post lights, string lights, underwater lights, and pathway lights. LED lights are often preferred for their energy efficiency and durability.

  • Underwater Lighting

    Some boat dock lighting systems include underwater lights, which can enhance the visual appeal of the area and attract marine life. These lights are typically installed beneath the water surface and come in various colors.

  • Regulations

    Depending on the location, there may be specific regulations regarding the type and placement of boat dock lighting to minimize light pollution and environmental impact.

Lanai Light Boat Dock Lighting

Lanai Lights is proud to provide exceptional Florida outdoor LED lighting that is also sea turtle-safe and friendly. The Florida Marine Protection Act and the Federal Endangered Species Act both protect sea turtles. Lights can disrupt nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings, so sea turtle-safe illumination is required by municipal and federal law. This is a specialized lighting fixture that employs LED lights that meet the requirements for coastal beach lighting.

We strive to perform our services by being committed to following outstanding measures. We continually improve the products we feature with the most current technology while retaining Lanai Lights compatible with prior versions.

Call Lanai Lights at 239-208-030 or message us online to schedule Boat Dock Lighting Installation. We offer a Lifetime warranty on most fixtures and electronic components.

Why Choose Lanai Lights?

  • Patented

    Multiple choices of Innovative designs you’ll find nowhere else.

  • Versatile

    Use on-screen enclosures, decks, fences, balconies, docks, tikis, pergolas & much more.

  • Energy Saving

    LED technology in multiple colors.

  • Safe

    Low-voltage systems specifically designed for outdoor use.

  • Customer Controlled

    Remote controlled, dimmable, and automatic operation included.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on electronic components.

  • Licensed Certified Installers

    Professional installation by licensed certified installers

  • Made in the USA

    Products are Made in the USA and Assembled in USA ETL certified.

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