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Helpful Ideas to Properly Maintain Landscape Lighting Systems

A scheduled way of cleaning and maintenance can prolong the life expectancy of landscape lights and maintain the system functioning appropriately.  There are some series of tasks that should be performed once in a blue moon or as needed to prohibit more expensive repairs in the future.

The following list hand over the fundamentals for landscape lighting maintenance. Always bear in mind to disconnect landscape lights from the electrical source prior to cleaning or doing the following maintenance ideas:

Idea No.1: Trim plants and branches.

The initial step in maintaining landscape lighting is to trim any plants, shrubs, or trees that are on the fixture, nearer to the fixture or occluding the light. Avoiding these obstructions will help prevent damage to your fixtures, enable proper illumination, and make it easier to take other cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Idea No.2: Clean outer part of fixtures.

This step can elevate lighting, let outdoor living areas appear cleaner, extend the life of fixtures, and keep out fire hazards.

Idea No.3: Counter check cables and wiring.

Review the wiring and cables, looking for any signs of damage and any unintentionally exposed wiring. If you find any damage here, you may need to contact a professional electrician to replace some of the wirings.

Idea No.4: Check fixtures for disfiguration.

Double-check each of your landscape lighting fixtures such as broken lenses, dented metal, corrosion or other damage. It is a need to request replacement parts if there is any damage that cannot be left as is.

Idea No.5: Replace illuminating bulbs.

Several homeowners prefer for LED landscape lighting, which avoids the need for bulb replacement. But if you have old styles of light or LEDs are not shining quite bright, you may opt to periodically change some bulbs

Idea No.6: Clean metal or plastic components.

The moment that your landscaping lighting is in working normally and has had the correct maintenance, it is the best time to clean the fixtures. Prior to cleaning the glass on outdoor lights, clean any metal or plastic components. You can inevitably accomplish this with a soft rag and soapy water, but there are times when you require to take your cleaning to the next level.

Idea No.7: Clean calcified glass lenses.

Once the metal and plastic components are clean and decent, it is time to clean the glass lenses. You may be able to do this with water and a soft cloth or soapy water and a soft cloth at the same time.

Idea No.8: Check and adjust fixture positions.

Finally, it is time to check the proper positioning of all of your fixtures and make sure they are illuminating outdoor living areas as directly desired. While your installer will surely position your fixtures at the time of proper installation, it is sure for some fixtures to be moved along or to need adjusting.

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