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How Professional Lighting Helps Maximize Home Security

Home Security is a big issue for big areas like Southwest Florida. Most homes in Fort Myers have security alarm systems installed. These security alarm systems are very sophisticated having advanced functions and features that secure these homes. But, having additional security such as beautiful lights can definitely help maximize home security.

The goal you are probably trying to accomplish with your outdoor security lighting is to make your home safer from unwanted intruders, right? Remember, a dark home is a vulnerable home!

People will often be torn among these choices when choosing the best lighting for their homes:

1. Which Is Better: One Bright Light or Lots of Little Lights?

To get the most out of your security lighting, you want to make sure you have enough lighting so that there aren’t large dark spots around your property. So many not-as-bright lights do a much more effective job than one really bright one.

The more “blind” or dark spots you have around your yard, the easier you make it for a burglar. Consider installing more little lights in more areas of your yard rather than just a couple of bright ones.

2. Shall I install motion sensors for our landscape lights? Yes or No?

This question is applicable to those who already have landscaped their lawn. As professionals, yes we advise installing landscape lights. This could help a lot when it comes to security. You can spot any activities happening in your lawn in case of burglary and theft.

However, bright lights that are on all of the time can actually help a burglar by allowing them to easily see what they are doing at night.

Remember, burglars are human too. The human eye takes a little bit of time to adjust to the darkness, and then likewise to the light if a light were to suddenly come on.

This is why motion sensor lights are so popular for security lighting.

When someone has the intention to sneak into your home, they are going to be on edge. They are ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. If you have a light that is triggered by motion or heat, and they set it off, they are much more likely to run out of pure fear.

3. How to Position Security Lights: High or Low?

Ideally, you want your security lighting up higher off of the ground, shining downwards to cast a big area of light. Lights closer to the ground don’t cover as big of a radius.

The light that comes down further will be softer by the time it hits the ground, meaning there will be less blind or dark spots in your yard created by shadows. Using this technique, it is also much easier to overlap lighting to get full coverage. The lower they are to the ground, the more lights you’ll need for this effect.

But don’t go too high. The higher up the light is, the brighter of a light you will need. You need to find the balance of high enough and not too high, which really depends on how bright your light is, how much you need it to light, and what structures you have in your yard to mount the lights on.

Placing lights up high aimed downwards also helps to reduce the amount of light pollution you are producing with it.

Choosing the right option for you will be easy with the help of a professional lighting company in Fort Myers. When choosing your Fort Myers light solutions company, always consider their services and features. Choose wisely!

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