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How To Light Your Outdoor Entryway

Front entryways, being the portal to the soul of a house serve several important roles in the very foundation of a home. A well-illuminated front entry door welcomes visitors, provides safe passage, and creates a long-lasting first impression on the house owner and the home.

Here we share some tips on choosing the right lighting material or fixtures to help you a step closer to finding your desired outdoor entryway lights for your home in Florida.

Benefits of Entryway Lights

Outdoor Entryway Lighting Ideas

1. Light From Above Lighting

Two identical flush mounts on both sides of the entranceway door look superb, brightens up to show clearly who is in the front door. Illuminating distinctly so you can peek before opening the door, helps safely secure the people inside the house.

2. Spotlighting Entranceways

Lanai Lights Shangra LaSpotlighting is another good option for attention-grabbing lighting on your main entrance. A type of directional highlighting of certain areas, spaces, or things, such as a favorite plant or tree, gives a sense of character and creating an artistic design of main entrances.

3. Shrubbery Lighting

Lanai Lights Shrubbery LightingShrubbery lighting is a perfect choice to combine practicality with stylish lighting on shrubs or small plants. Lighting bushes from below using mini safety floodlights creates a welcoming feel and look before making an entry on your main entrance doors. Also, safety lights paired with built-in motion sensors prevents would-be intruders or burglars from approaching the front door.

4. String Lighting Option

String lighting works best when combined with outdoor entryway lighting and several options available from colored lights to stylish designing of your own choice.

5. Consider Post Lights

Uniquely design for your main entrance porch by post lighting the entrance pathway or around the main entranceway. Not only it creates a stylish design, but it also adds up enough lighting to see pathways clearly in avoiding missteps and accidental slips.

6. Add Flush Ceiling Mounts

Illuminate from above with flush ceiling fixtures or pendants to provide downlighting to the person knocking on your front door. Combined with a well-lighted wall sconce from the sides, minimizes shadows and brightens spaces of front entrances.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Lighting Material

Outdoor entryways are susceptible to different kinds of elements which include weather conditions and creepy animals. To make sure your lighting fixtures may last longer and serve their function, select the right and proper lighting material.

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