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LumiNite Accent Lighting. LumiNite lighting is available in a variety of colors: whiteblue or green to beautifully accent landscape and walkways, plus wildlife-friendly red and orange. Our red and orange lights are approved by the FWC for waterfront homes, docks, and beach walkways – even during sea turtle season.

Buy one LumiNite light or a pre-wired lighting kit! Customized to your specs, you select the distance between lights in each kit. In addition to color choice, LumiNite gives you the option of inserting one or two lights per post to control brightness in each area and the option of up-facing or downward focused lighting. Whether you select one light or 20, you decide as you customize the accent lighting around your home.


LumiNite lights feature LED bulbs, which conserve energy and last longer. All Landscape Lightings include a one-owner lifetime warranty on Luminite parts, excluding electronic components which include a one-year, one-owner manufacturer warranty. Our quality products and innovative engineering create durable lighting for your outdoor space. Maintenance programs for LumiNite products are available in some areas.


Each LumiNite light can face up to accent landscaping and architectural features or face down to illuminate walkways and living spaces. With two lights per post, you can achieve multi-directional lighting effects. LumiNites can also be easily mounted along patio framing and under cabinets in outdoor kitchens to highlight any desired area.

Buy them pre-wired for a plug & play option, or buy individual pieces to completely customize the illumination of your outdoor area. Contact us for a representative near you. Contact us today for a consultation on the brightest idea for your home’s exterior!

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