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Maintenance: Taking Care of your Outdoor LED Lighting System

Outdoor LED Lighting Systems enhance property curb appeal, backyards, patios, and pergolas at night and deliver safety and peacefulness after a hard day’s work. While LED lights can withstand outside elements and other unavoidable factors, they do require regular upkeep, repair and adjustments.

Protect outdoor lighting systems with regular upkeep and annual maintenance checks.

1. Replace Bulbs

Halogen bulbs generally burn out within a year. Most LED bulbs have a 5-year lifespan, however, regularly checking and replacing burned out or at fault bulbs is recommended. Bulbs under warranty found at fault or damaged will be replaced.

2. Clean Fixture Lenses

Fixture lenses are gradually covered by plants, leaves, dirt and even mud. Over time, the blockage decreases fixture brightness and illumination. Regularly wiping lenses improves lighting performance.

3. Properly Align Fixtures

Over time, fixtures are unaligned, moved by ground soil, jostled by lawnmowers and pushed over by playing kids. Reposition fixtures in an upward direction or install fixtures to highlight an area.

4. Examine Compromised Fixtures

Compromised fixtures should be replaced or repaired to ensure proper operation. Check fixtures for:

5. Clean Lenses and Internal Reflectors

Lenses and internal reflectors get covered by debris, spider webs, and dirt which block or misdirect lighting. Cleaning lenses and internal reflectors restore illumination and brightness.

6. Remove New Plant Growth

Regularly check fixtures growing alongside small shrubs, flowers, and trees as their growth obstructs and potentially damages fixtures. Cut or trim tree branches and leaves blocking illumination and position fixtures to obtain the best light.

7. Inspect Exposed Wires

Wiring systems are intended to be underground. Check for cables and wires exposed to avoid guests, gardeners or pets from accidentally tripping over or damaging electrical wiring. Compromised wires should be repaired or replaced before burying.

8. Remove Loose Debris

Debris like dirt and mud, and fallen branches and leaves can block or partially cover fixtures. Cobwebs, nests or wasp nests hinder fixture lighting.

9. Replace Burned Out Bulbs

Check for inoperative or dimmed bulb. Bulbs with dimmed lighting are easily spotted. Consider replacing these bulbs before they burn out completely, particularly along walking pathways, steps or walkways that can pose a hazard.

10. Inspect Operational Control Systems and Automatic Timing Settings

Fixtures are designed with programmable controlled systems and timers to brighten outdoor lighting systems. Damaged operational control systems and automatic timers are noticed when bulb lighting is not in accordance with other bulbs. Replace or install new bulbs as needed.

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