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Outdoor Lighting Tips and Tricks

Placing the right outdoor lighting on the right places will enhance your home’s beauty and add value to your property. Outdoor lighting can help your home standout and scare out burglars. Lanai Lights develops an array of design options for any part of your home.

Lanai Lights lighting experts will work with you to illuminate your home or business with our superior, custom products and installation.

Highlight Architectural and Landscape Features

Outdoor lighting does not only enhance your outdoor experience but also lessen the opportunity for burglars to invade your home.


Create an eye catching view by giving life to your outdoor areas by uplighting standing  features on your landscaping. When uplighting outdoor areas, place the fixture in front of a plant. This can soften the lighting and prevent from appearing too harsh.

Outdoor Lighting Product in Florida


Installing lights at high point on and around your house and illuminate your property.

Places to downlight:

Landscape Lighting in Florida

Garden Highlighting

A single item like a statue, gazing ball or fountain should be done with a few landscape lighting fixtures having lower intensity bulbs.

Landscape Lighting in Florida

Outdoor Pendant Lighting

If your home or commercial establishment has a porch or ceiling, outdoor pendant lighting can be an option. The outdoor lights can be attached to the ceiling.

Porch Lights

Also known as outdoor wall sconces is mounted near shoulder height. This provides a downward light.

Flood Lights and Motion Sensor Lights

This will help you keep your property safer from burglars and won’t need to be concerned about switching on or off.

Most Trusted Pool Cage LED Lights Design and Installation

Lanai Lights is a  manufacturer of of unique lighting products designed to enhance your outdoor living spaces with a bright, attractive, and affordable light source.

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