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Pool Cage: Installation Process

Lanai Lights Installation Process

A well-lit pool cage can dramatically enhance your outdoor living space, providing both safety and ambiance to your lanai. Lanai Lights offers a wide range of LED lighting options that are specifically designed for pool cages, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect outdoor oasis. In this guide, we will walk you through the pool cage LED lighting installation process so you can transform your lanai into a beautiful, inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.

Lanai Lights understands that seeing is believing, which is why they are proud to offer a free outdoor lights demonstration for potential customers. This unique opportunity allows you to experience the exceptional quality, beauty, and ambiance of Lanai Lights’ products firsthand, in the comfort of your own outdoor living space.

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Materials and Tools Required

  1. Lanai Lights LED Products (Captiva, Sunset, Sanibel, South Beach, Palm Beach, or TrimLight)
  2. Wire strippers
  3. Wire connectors
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Drill with drill bits
  6. Tape measure
  7. Ladder
  8. Zip ties or wire clips (for cable management)

Step-by-Step Installation Process


Plan Layout

Before we start the installation process, we plan out your desired lighting layout. Take measurements of your pool cage and determine the number and location of the lights. Consider factors such as desired brightness, energy efficiency, and aesthetics when planning layout.


Turn Off Power

Before working with any electrical wiring, we ensure the power is turned off at the breaker box to avoid any risk of electric shock.


Assemble the LED Lights

Unpack the Lanai Lights LED lighting system and assemble the lights. Ensure that all connections are secure and tight.

Lanai lights products model


Mount the Lights

Use a ladder to reach the desired installation location on your pool cage. Drill pilot holes at each mounting point, and then attach the lights using the provided hardware. Make sure each light is securely fastened to the pool cage.


Run the Wiring

Starting at the first light, run the wiring from one light to the next, ensuring that you have enough slack to make any necessary connections. Use zip ties or wire clips to secure the wiring to the pool cage, keeping the wires neat and organized.


Connect the Lights

Strip the ends of the wires and use wire connectors to connect each light in the series.


Install the Power Supply

Choose a safe and easily accessible location for the power supply, preferably near an existing power outlet. Mount the power supply to the wall using the provided hardware, and then connect the wiring from the LED lights to the power supply.

Lanai Lights Installation


Test the Lights

Turn the power back on at the breaker box and test the lights to ensure they are functioning correctly. If any lights are not working, double-check the wiring connections and make any necessary adjustments.


Adjust the Settings

Once your lights are installed and working correctly, you can adjust the settings, such as brightness and color, to create the perfect ambiance for your lanai.

Pool cage screen


The Final Walkthrough

Pool cage lighting

Why Choose Lanai Lights?

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    Lifetime warranty on most fixtures.

  • Lifetime Warranty

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  • Licensed Certified Installers

    Professional installation by licensed certified installers

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    Products are Made in the USA and Assembled in USA ETL certified.

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