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Lanai Lights are sold in easy-to-install kits.

Low Voltage LED lights are available in 3 to 9 (or more) light sets*.
Kits include Lights, wiring, controls, wire covers, instructions & miscellaneous required items. For a complete list of tools required for installation and kit contents and “How To” ideas, see our DIY page.
*Additional components are available separately.

Original Captiva Model

Original Captiva Model


Elegant light applied to Screen Enclosures

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New Stylish Siesta Model


Slim light applied to Screen Enclosures

south beach lights

New South Beach Model


Opulent lighting applied to Screen Enclosures

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Sunset Model


Multipurpose light

Lanai Lights



Multipurpose light with various color choices

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Commercial application lights.

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Yard Light Model


Landscape lights to showcase plants

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Lanailight Luminaire Options

  • LED in either Bright White or Soft White lights
  • White or Bronze luminaires to match standard aluminum cage color
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LED Light Kit


Product Description

Stylish and energy efficient LED outdoor lighting to brighten your deck, patio, lanai, or garden. Our high quality LED outdoor lights come in sets of 3 to 9 (or more) easy to mount fixtures.

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Wire for LED

Product Description

Weather resistant wiring available in one foot increments. Please select the quantity of feet of wire needed.

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Side Return Wire Cover

Product Description

The side return wire cover is an essential part of the Lanai Lights installation process for those using the lighting system in their lanai area. The side return wire cover fits into the nose cap wire cover to hide and protect the wiring beneath.

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Nose Cap Wire Cover

Product Description

Nose cap wire covers are used to cover wires at intersecting vertical and horizontal support beams once all lights have been installed. The Lanai Lights wire covers are durable and available in both bronze and white colors to match your outdoor living space.

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H4800 Epoxy W/2 Nozzle

Product Description

H4800 is the only epoxy approved for use in the installation of the Lanai Lights wire covers. H4800 epoxy is suitable for bonding a variety of products with minimum surface preparation needed. Because this epoxy is especially formulated for use during installation of wire covers, please note that one tube of H4800 epoxy is sufficient for installation of a 6-7 light standard kit.

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Extruded Wire Cover

Product Description

Sleek, protective and specially designed for Lanai Lights, the extruded wire cover is designed to seamlessly cover wiring for your new exterior lighting system. The wire cover product is offered with an easy peel-and-press installation backing and comes in bronze or white.

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Corner Mount LED Light Soft / Bright

Product Description

Special Order LED light fixture. This is a bracket with a 45 degree angle to be mounted on a corner post.

Customer's Feedback

  • Lanai Lights is a fantastic value. We’re so pleased with our lights that we recommended Lanai Lights to all of our neighbors. We enjoyed our lanai prior to purchasing Lanai Lights, but now we enjoy it even more.

    George Finch
    Caloosa Yacht Club, Fort Myers
  • Our new lighting creates a very nice ambiance and we don’t have to grill in the dark anymore. Lanai Lights is the perfect solution for our outside patio needs.

    Linda Harvey
    Heritage Palms
  • Lanai Lights is a good idea. All you need is an outlet and you can do it.

    Bill Lynch
    Emerson Square
  • We are very happy with our Lanai Lights. Lanai Lights follow-up is super.

    Jean Smith
  • Lanai Lights provides a romantic touch to the atmosphere of our lanai. The lights are perfect for an outdoor evening with friends. I couldn’t be more pleased with our outdoor living area.

    Stanley Szyba
    Plantation, Fort Myers
  • “I love our LED Lanai Lights! The lights have made our outdoor lanai brighter and more livable. I highly recommend Lanai Lights for their professional approach in both the design and installation of the product and thank them for enhancing our property!”

    Suzanne Matsumoto
    Colonial Shores, Fort Myers
  • We love that Lanai Lights illuminates the whole lanai. The installation was smooth and the dimmer setting is great for controlling the amount of light. It’s really nice when we have a gathering of people over and can enjoy the atmosphere the lights provide.

    Norma Simons
    Plantation, Fort Myers

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