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Things to Consider in Pool Cage LED Lights Design and Installation

Keep your loved ones safe by installing pool cage LED lights preventing unforeseen incidents.

Lanai Lights offer wide range of pool cage lighting in Southwest Florida. Developing an array of design options that will fit your style for your patio, pool cage, dock, tiki huts, pergolas and more.

Lighting Your Swimming Pool Area

Enhance your night time pool experience with Lanai Lights LED lights. Here’s how can transform your simple pool.

Our Captiva Model at Lanai Lights is the only patented lighting system specifically designed to light screen enclosure areas. The Original Lanai Light was developed by Bob Steel who, in 2006, was looking for a way to light up his dark lanai while not lighting up his neighbor’s at the same time.

Lanai Lights Feature:

Lanai Lights Outdoor Lighting Options

Our lighting options are designed to be sleek, modern and highly durable.

Most Trusted Pool Cage LED Lights Design and Installation

Lanai Lights provides outdoor security LED lights, products and services to residential and commercial properties all over Southwest Florida. We manufacture unique lighting products designed to enhance outdoor living spaces and provide added security. We offer bright, inviting, and affordable security LED lighting solutions with fully patented, innovative designs.

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