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Trimlight FAQ

Trimlight is covered by a lifetime warranty. Call Lanai Lights at 888-829-3888 or message us online to request that the light be replaced. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be charged a labor fee, but the faulty product will be covered under warranty.

Sometimes is the answer. If the glitch or fault occurs within the RGB components, only that light will be affected. The light may change color or turn off completely. If a glitch or fault occurs within the data wire of the affected light, it may affect all lights in line after it. In any case, it is a quick and simple repair; simply contact your local dealer and they will swap out the affected light, which will resolve any issues.

Trimlight is backed by a Lifetime Product Warranty. Trimlight’s lifespan is determined by how frequently it is used. Trimlight will typically last between 20 and 30 years (assuming it is only used during nighttime hours). Trimlight’s lifetime will be significantly reduced if it is constantly left on day and night.

Yes, the Trimlight system can be paired with your home network; however, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee Trimlight will connect to your home network due to many variables beyond our control, such as router/modem type, firewall settings, potential obstacles, interference from other devices, and so on.

Trimlight is an app-driven technology, so it will not work on PCs. Trimlight is compatible with any iPhone or Android device. Because Mac computers are also app-driven, the app will work with most of them.

Unfortunately, your existing Trimlight system cannot be removed and reused in another home. Trimlight is intended to be a permanent fixture on the home, and the channel is custom-ordered to match the color, style, and square footage of your existing home, so it would not meet the criteria for use on another structure.

Yes, the Trimlight app is compatible with any iPhone or Android device. Since Mac computers are app-driven, the app will also work with the majority of them. It is incompatible with PCs.

Pure white is created using a combination of red, green, and blue LED lights. As a result, the pure white setting may appear to have a blue hue; some people notice the hue, while others do not. Before attempting to adjust the setting, we recommend looking at pure white from the sidewalk or street. If you still want to remove the blue, go to the custom color setting and enter 255 in each box below the corresponding R-G-B. Then, gradually reduce the number in the blue category until you see a white light you like. You can also use Google to find lists of RGB codes for various white hues.

Yes, simply long press any color circle outside the gray line box on the color palette screen, and a window will appear, giving you the option to slide your finger through the color spectrum to a specific custom color or type in RGB codes for different color options. Then click OK to save that custom color in that color circle.

You can rename a save pattern by connecting to the Trimlight app, pressing enter, and then clicking on the clock icon at the bottom right. You will then see a list of all current patterns. Swipe left on the pattern you want to rename, and an option to rename or delete the pattern will appear.

Yes, we have a warm white preset on the custom color palette screen. Click on the first color circle on the second row, which is labeled WW. Is there another method for locating and programming custom colors? Yes, you can type in RGB codes directly into the boxes below the R-G-B settings, in addition to long pressing a custom color circle and dragging your finger across the color spectrum. Google RGB color code charts to find a list of custom color RGB codes to enter.

Yes, but we recommend that you do not overlap your daily timer with a calendar event. You can, for example, create a calendar event for a holiday and schedule it to run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Then you could set a daily timer to turn on between 11:01pm and midnight, or even 5am. They will function properly as long as the timers do not overlap.

The Trimlight app allows you to save up to 30 patterns. If you go over that, you’ll get a message saying you’ve reached your pattern limit. At that point, simply click on the clock icon in the bottom right corner. You will then see a list of all current patterns. Swipe left on patterns you want to delete, and an option to rename or delete the pattern will appear.

You can display up to 30 colors simultaneously and program up to 90 lights of each color. You can program 90 red, 15 orange, 1 purple, 5 white, and so on. The key is to not program more than 90 per color, and each pattern can have up to 30 different colors.

Trimlight’s patented channel system is designed to blend in with the color of the roofline, concealing the wires. They lock the lights securely in place and they are hardly noticeable during the day.

Trimlight typically requires HOA approval. Trimlight is widely accepted by most HOAs after a meeting with committee leaders to demonstrate how the Trimlight system works; that it is hidden during the day, programmable for specific holidays, and that any repairs or maintenance issues will be resolved in a timely manner.

Trimlight control boxes are typically mounted on an interior wall inside a garage or under a carport. Trimlight simply plugs into a standard outlet.

Trimlight pricing varies depending on where you live in the country; Lanai Lights can provide specific pricing. Trimlight is an extremely cost-effective system that comes with a lifetime product warranty and will last for decades.

Trimlight employs proprietary LED technology that is extremely energy efficient. Because each diode consumes.6 watts of power, most Trimlight systems use less energy than 1-2 light bulbs. Trimlight consumes one-tenth the energy of incandescent lights while lasting ten times as long.

LED diodes with lenses, in general, can become faded or damaged over time due to constant sun exposure. Trimlight’s residential lighting, on the other hand, has no lens or covering; only the direct LED shines through the channel, which means Trimlight LEDs will not fade, cloud, or become discolored over time, as many other exterior LEDs do. Furthermore, Trimlight residential LEDs face down and below the channel, shielding them from direct sunlight.

Trimlight’s user-friendly Edge app allows you to program your lights wherever there is service. The calendar allows you to create any lighting schedule you want so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re away on business or vacation, but if you need to access your system remotely, you can!

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