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Trimlight Troubleshooting Guide

Connect to the Trimlight Wi-Fi signal, launch the Trimlight app, turn to manual mode, and then long press the Trimlight word. A window will appear with the option to rename the network. When finished, force close the app, refresh your Wi-Fi networks, and connect to the newly named signal.

Simply find the white Trimlight controller, unplug it for 1 minute, and reconnect it. You can also turn off the white controller by unplugging it for 1 minute and then plugging it back in. This will clear any error codes in your controller while leaving any saved patterns or timers in place.

While Trimlight is designed to connect to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal, we cannot guarantee that it will pair with all home networks due to factors beyond our control. The modem/router used, the firewall and security settings on the home router/modem, and any obstacles between the Trimlight controller and the modem/router are some of these factors. Other devices that could cause interference include LED lights, solar panel controllers, Tesla battery chargers, and other Wi-Fi devices. If you are still unable to pair your home network, we recommend contacting your internet service provider, as some technicians may be able to help you pair Trimlight to your specific modem/router. If all else fails, simply connect to your Trimlight via its dedicated Wi-Fi signal.

Using the “pair new device” button, you can connect Trimlight to your home network. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee Trimlight will connect to your home network due to a variety of factors outside of our control, such as router/modem type, firewall settings, potential obstacles, interference from other devices, and so on.

No, the Trimlight controller has an integrated battery that ensures that all saved programs and timers are not lost if the controller loses power. Having said that, unless performing a soft or hard reset, we always recommend leaving the Trimlight controller plugged in.

A power outage at the controller or the controller signal being switched as a result of a brief power outage or customer change is the most common cause of connection problems. Trimlight signal should be visible in your Wi-Fi network options as long as the controller has a blue light (quick click and release STA/AP button on controller to switch between blue and green). You should be able to connect to Trimlight app using your home Wi-Fi network as long as the controller has a solid green light (quick click and release STA/AP button on controller to switch between blue and green).

Connect to the Trimlight app, enter, and then click the clock icon in the bottom right corner. Then you’ll see a list of all current patterns. Swipe left on the pattern you want to delete to reveal the option to rename or delete it. For more information, please watch the video below.

To begin, move your finger all the way to the left on the app’s speed bar. If the pattern continues to move too quickly, simply add more diodes to each color in the color line until the desired speed is reached. After you’ve made your changes, don’t forget to save it.

It is critical to completely exit the Trimlight app after using it. Depending on the device, the method for hard closing apps varies. On an Apple device, you can either A) double-click the home button to shrink your apps, then swipe up to close them, or B) touch the bottom of the screen and drag your finger up until the apps shrink. Release your finger, then swipe up to close apps. Depending on which Android device you own, you have several options. Typically there is an icon showing three lines or 3 dots that you tap and get the option to “clear all” or “close all”. You must analyze the options for your specific device.

This is determined by whether you connect to your Trimlight system via the Trimlight dedicated signal or by pairing the Trimlight controller with your home network. To use the Trimlight dedicated Wi-Fi signal, your controller must have a blue light. You must have the green light on your Trimlight controller if you want to connect your Trimlight system to your home network. Simply press and release the STA/AP button on the controller to toggle between blue and green lights.

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