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Why My Lanai Lights is not Lighting?

In order to keep your house safe and attractive at night, you need to make sure that you have adequate lighting outside. When the light is on, your children are less likely to trip over something in the driveway. In addition, burglars will take a second look before breaking into your property. Intruders avoid a house that appears to be occupied. The good light, though, isn’t always there. “Why is my outdoor light not working?” is the first step in solving this problem.

When the light bulb is out or the light fixture is broken, outdoor lighting will not operate. Circuit breakers in your electrical panel and GFCIs that have been triggered might also be to blame (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Outside lights that don’t operate because of power outages are common in areas that are prone to severe storms. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your Lanai Lights.


Check the Timer

If you’re using a timer or photocell, reset the clock or bypass the photocell. If that doesn’t work you may need a new one.



Check the Transformer

A transformer is a metal box all the lights are hooked up to. It is likely to be installed on the side of your house near an outdoor outlet. Double check if the transformer is hooked into an outlet before proceeding any further. 



Make sure the Outlet has Power

If your Lanai Lights still aren’t coming on, check to make sure your outlet has power. To test the outlet has electricity, take a hair dryer or phone charger outdoors and connect it to the outlet. Finding out whether the issue is with your outlet or lighting system may be done this way.

wall outlet


Turn On Breaker Switch

Go back inside and check your breaker panel. Make sure that all the breaker switches are flipped to the appropriate setting. If any are tripped, set them back to the appropriate ON position and check your outlet for power again.

breaker switch


The GFCI is Tripped

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GFCI is an acronym for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It is a circuit breaker with a rapid response time that cuts off electricity in the case of a ground fault. Ground-fault circuit interrupters operate in fractions of a second.

Typically, outdoor lighting electrical lines are routed underground. When there is a significant downpour or storm, water frequently finds its way into electrical outlets.

Because electricity and water do not mix well, the GFCI plug is intended to turn off electrical current immediately upon contact with water. This fail-safe feature is incorporated into the GFCI to avoid the occurrence of additional dangerous events.

While the fail-safe feature of your GFCI is meant to protect your house, it also stops electrical current from reaching your outdoor lighting system, effectively turning off the lights.

Locate and reset your GFCI outlet to resolve this issue. Press and hold the RESET button until it bolts to reset the ground fault circuit interrupter. If the GFCI fails not reset using this approach, the wiring in the circuit or the outlet itself may be defective – now is probably the time to contact an electrician.

If you often encounter this issue, you may want to try purchasing a bubble cover. The cover protects the outlet from moisture and prevents the GFCI from triggering.

GFCI electrical outlet.

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