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What Are The Different Types of Accent Lighting?

Creating a beautiful environment is the goal of every homeowner. You try to plan every detail to create the space that you want. The use of special types of lighting is one of the techniques to add more style to your home. Accent lighting is a great solution to make your home more attractive. It is used to focus on lighting in areas or objects that you want to highlight or showcase. Accent lights provide more visual interest to any area. If you are looking to add more drama or you want to create a certain ambiance, accent lighting Florida accent lighting Tampa Bay is something you should look into. Picking out the right type of accent lighting is essential in order to achieve the perfect set up unique to your space and set according to your needs, desires, and aesthetics. Here are some of the essential things you need to know to help you decide what type of accent lighting in Florida accent lighting in Tampa Bay is ideal for your home.

Wall lights and sconces

A sconce is a type of lighting fixture that is affixed to the wall — the wall is used as support, and the light is typical, though not always, directed upwards. Traditionally, sconces are mostly decorative and serve as general room lighting. Wall lights have more modern fittings, and a glass casing usually covers the light source. Wall lights and sconces can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are often used in corridors, hallways, and pathways as a point of interest and to provide illumination.

Track lights

Track lighting is a modern method used when light fixtures are attached to a tracking device, and their position can be customized depending on where individual lights are desired to be focused. Individual light fittings can be independently controlled. Tracks are usually mounted on walls, ceiling, rafters, and beams. Track lights are often used throughout the house, especially in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and dens to give focal points of each room the right amount of light.

Undercabinet lighting

This type of lighting is not just accent lighting but also works as task lights because they are typically used in specific areas such as the kitchen and workbenches in shops to give more focused lighting in spaces that need more direct illumination. These lights can be considered low profile because you can only see the light but not the fixtures.

Landscape lighting

These accent lights are great to use outdoors to show off the features of the outside of your home and to level up the atmosphere of your space. They are often used to showcase prized architectural details such as gazebos, trellis, decks, lanais, fountains, and pools at night. Landscape lighting is also mainly used to light up pathways in the dark for safety and also for the security of your property.

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